Competition is becoming tougher! But with innovative and prominent packaging you can stand out of the crowd. Flexible packaging lines enable you to design portion sizes and package contents in a variety of ways to suit your particular markets.

At this web site, you will find the best solutions for your success. The company is one of the most experienced and fastest growing sales agencies of industrial machinery for food processing and packaging.

What originally began in 1967 in Thessaloniki, Greece, as a one-man-show, has grown and expanded into a network of five offices. With headquarters in Greece and branches in Serbia, Macedonia, Bulgaria and Romania, the company circles the Balkan peninsula with a know-how that assures quality, efficiency, and rapid return on investment.  Local experienced staff serves the industries with the same principles that rule the organization in the last four decades.

Today, the company continues to provide best-in-class solutions based on a culture of innovation and problem solving, combined with its core skills in various food technology techniques.  Read more about our core competencies below:

As the world is changing and new challenges appear, the company launches innovative products and services to its customers. Its vision is to become one of the customers’ best and most dedicated partners in the packaging industry.

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